Shows how you are traveling through life or through a particular situation. Can also refer to how you are “driven” or motivated.

A speeding car is a good indication you need to slow down and take it easy in waking life.

A car with no brakes means you are having difficulty putting the brakes on something.

A crashing car may indicate you are headed for a crash, a rude awakening.

An out of control car means you have lost control of something in your life.

A car that won’t start indicates you are having trouble getting things up and running or that you have lost your “drive” or motivation.

It’s always good to be in the driver seat of your car, it means you are in control.

If your car is stolen then you may be feeling directionless in your life or you may be having a difficult time making a decision, feeling unsure what direction to take.

If your car is going backwards then you have either lost your motivation for something and want to back out of it or something is going in the wrong direction and not progressing forward.

If your car is broken into then ask yourself what negative element has seemingly broken into your life.

If your car is overheating then ask yourself if you are getting angry about the direction your life is going right now? What;s got YOU a little hot under the hood? OR if you are a woman, it can refer to the time in your cycle when you are fertile or “in heat” and your “sex drive” is, well, you know…