Change, the old dying off in order to make way for the new. The end of an issue or relationship. A part of yourself, a part of your life, something in your world coming to a close. Fear not. Rebirth is around the corner.

Dead people in a dream usually refer to issues that are dead, that you should no longer give any energy to. Ask yourself if you are holding a grudge that you need to let die.

Actual dead people you once knew often refer to that point in your life when they were around. Is there anything about who you were then that you need to bring back to life now? They can also symbolize a quality that the two of you share. In what way are you like the person you dreamed about?

@laurithedreamexpert Dreaming about death can be scary AF! But the message might surprise you. #dreaminterpretation #psychology #sleep ♬ original sound – Lauri Loewenberg