Symbolizes someone you feel is a loyal companion. Usually refers to your mate but could also be a friend or co-worker. Could symbolize responsibility, as pets are responsibilities. Could symbolize a fear if you are afraid of dogs. May also symbolize your need or desire to buckle down and train yourself to behave. Look at the type of dog in your dream. What is that type of dog known for?
German Shepherd: Best known for being a guard dog or police dog. Are you being or do you need to be guarded when it comes to a particular issue? Are you overly protective?
Husky: Best known as a sled dog. Are you carrying a heavy burden? Are you dragging an issue on too long?
Dalmation: Is there a “fire” or urgent situation you need to put out?
chihuahua: A chihuahua is a small nervous dog. Are you feeling nervous about a current relationship or friendship? Is a current relationship or friendship starting to diminish or become a smaller deal to you or the other person?