Is the ex you are dreaming about your first love? If so, he or she has become a symbol to you for passion and excitement… being desired and has appeared in your dream to let you know it’s time to bring the passion back into your current relationship or into your life (if you aren’t in  relationship). In other words it’s time to spice things up or it’s time to end your dry spell. Your subconscious wants those feelings back!

If you are dreaming about an ex from a not-so-great relationship, it can be a warning from your subconscious that you are following a pattern with your current choice of mate. Ask yourself is anything right now feels similar or reminds you of when your ex was in your life.

If there are – or were – serious issues with your ex, if it was an abusive relationship, then you may be dreaming of him or her because you have not been able to move past these issues. Part of you still feels attached or is allowing the past to affect your present. These dreams are telling you it’s time to let go. You don’t want to bring your past issues into your current or your future relationship. It’s impossible to move forward when you are holding on to what is behind you.

If you are having sex with an abusive ex in your dream or dreaming that things are going well with an abusive ex, it can be your subconscious trying to help you come to peace with the past. It doesn’t mean that you want him or her back but that you need to love yourself despite what you went through.

If you have children with your ex and are dreaming of sex with him or her then your dreaming mind is urging you to connect or come together on some level for the sake of the children.

If you are dreaming of a very recent ex, your dream is trying to help you process the break up. Whatever your ex says in the dream is really coming from you, not from him or her. It is what you are telling yourself.