No matter whether you dream of your actual house or some random dream house, it symbolizes YOU, your state of mind, the dwelling place of your soul. The state of the house reflects yourself at the time the dream.

Finding new rooms: There is much more to you than you are letting on, or than you are allowing to thrive. The new rooms are the different parts of you that you are not putting to use in your life. This dream is showing you that you have plenty of room to grow. Start using those ignored or neglected abilities and ideas. Don’t let them go to waste.

Mansion: Could symbolize your goals. Grand ideas. Feeling good about yourself. An elaborate way of thinking and doing.

New House: A new way of thinking and behaving. Moving into a new state of mind and leaving the old behind.

Old House: Old, out of date attitudes. An old soul. If the house is run down, you may be feeling tired and run down.

House Under Construction: Rebuilding yourself, you are undergoing renovation, transformation and making changes in your life.

Your childhood home is where you grew up, Is there a situation in real life where you need to grow up and handle it like an adult? A childhood home can also represent a need to be carefree. If some thing traumatic happened in your childhood home in real life and your dreams take place there a lot then there is likely some healing you need to make happen.

If it is a house you used to live in, then it may not be about the house but who you were back then. Do you need to leave that part of you in the past or do you need to reclaim that old you and bring it into the present?

If you are trying to find your way back home then you are probably trying to get things back to normal in waking life.