Your emotions. The state of the water will reflect the state of your emotions. Can also symbolize creative juices.
Calm Clear Water: Emotional decisions are becoming clear to you. Negativity is clearing out of your psyche. Physical and emotional healing may be taking place. Muddy, Murky Water: Emotional confusion. Unable to see through an emotional issue. Depression.
Rising Water/Flood: You may be getting in over your head, getting in too deep. An increasingly tough situation.
Under Water: In over your head. Feeling overwhelmed.
Breathing under water: This is a common dream and means you are handling an overwhelming situation well. If you are struggling to breathe under water then ask yourself what in real life is your biggest struggle right now. Odds are you have too much going on and are having a hard time keeping your head above water emotionally and perhaps even financially. If this is a common dream for you and you wake up gasping for air, go to your doctor and have them check you for sleep apnea.