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To abandon or leave behind characteristics/attitudes no longer needed for self-growth, or feeling of loss or bewilderment because of giving away self-power to others:abandonment of own inner resources and strength thru disregard. Work on loving, accepting yourself and taking responsibility for life direction. Feeling of being left behind; sense...



In our dreams, all kinds of strange things happen to our bodies. Me, I’ve had an invisible arm, strange objects embedd [...]

Once in a rare while, I will turn my blog over to someone who had a dream that was so powerful that they were able to [...]

I am always saying, “Nothing in a dream is random. Every single detail in your dream is important and can be connected [...]

According to History.com, Ward Hill Lamon, Abraham Lincoln’s former law partner, friend and sometime bodyguard—told a [...]

We all get nightmares from time to time, you know, those dreams that are so frightening they jolt us awake with our he [...]

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