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What are you battling in waking life? Weight? Smoking? An illness? Self esteem issues? Someone else? What are you trying to overcome? The battle in your dream reflects how you are winning or losing the battle in waking life



Usually points to fighting within self. What or who are you fighting right now? Are you in a war of words with somebody



In our dreams, all kinds of strange things happen to our bodies. Me, I’ve had an invisible arm, strange objects embedd [...]

Once in a rare while, I will turn my blog over to someone who had a dream that was so powerful that they were able to [...]

I am always saying, “Nothing in a dream is random. Every single detail in your dream is important and can be connected [...]

According to History.com, Ward Hill Lamon, Abraham Lincoln’s former law partner, friend and sometime bodyguard—told a [...]

We all get nightmares from time to time, you know, those dreams that are so frightening they jolt us awake with our he [...]

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